anji-makeupEsthetician/Makeup Artist, Anji, has been a professional makeup artist and skin care specialist since 2002. She is ready to answer all of your beauty questions and offer you top-notch products in skin care and makeup artistry.

A strong background in the Creative & Fine Arts instilled a unique style in this artist, unparalleled to any other in the industry. Anji is a diverse talent with artistry skills ranging from flawless beauty makeup to dramatic artistic face painting. With a personality to match, Anji is setting new trends in the beauty and fashion industry!

A Note From the Artist:

“The passion for Art, Makeup and Skin Care has always been in my blood. I thrive on meeting fresh faces and spreading my enthusiasm for health, cosmetics, skin care and artistry!

With a background in fine arts from the Ohio State University, a managing esthetics license and experience working at a top Salon in Columbus, I wanted to add my own personal touch to the industry. After getting my feet wet at a well-known salon, I decided to branch out and create my own brand, with my own ideas”

It’s time for you to shine like you were meant to! Beauty starts from the inside out. But when you feel great, you look even better.

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